AK Collaborations is providing strategic insight to leading corporations, governments, and agencies around the world. We do not just look for sources of information; we are leading authorities in collaboration and group decision-making and have been providing expert counsel for years. Partnering with AK Collaborations gets you information and expertise based upon real world business, military and government experience.

Work in the new millennium requires globally distributed organizational members to innovate with a collaborative effort. When employed intelligently, information technology and the implementation of collaborative systems can provide opportunities for organizations to increase the return on investment and build sustainable competitive advantage. Technical competency, however, isn’t enough. Critical aspects of enterprise-wide effectiveness such as transparency, agility and culture are often ignored until it is too late. To be truly successful in building the innovative, globally-integrated organization, you must address the human aspects of communication, collaboration, and leadership.

There are consultants who write reports, and then there are experienced advisors who stand by you to deliver results - the choice is up to you. Partner with AK Collaborations and explore the possibilities.

Contract with AK Collaborations to work with:

  • Naval and military organizations on developing and implementating collaboation technology.

  • To create or teach case studies or research analyzing Network Centric capabilities.

  • Facilitate large scale high-stakes decision making meetings with 10-30 people who have a varitey of viewpoints.