Scheduling a Session

The facilities are available for day usage and can also be utilized with advance notice for evening or weekend sessions. To schedule a session, simply contact Mark Adkins and review the session requirements. We have established a standard rate structure for daily usage of the Center as follows:

* Government and corporate organizations may use the facility for $1250/day
* Arizona based non-profit 501C organizations may use the facility for $750/day;
* Private Groups may use the facility for off hour evening meetings on a non-hosted basis at a rate of $250 per evening.

The use of the facility provides access to the 3 tier planning room with 30-40 seats, all audio visual technology, and includes a host for the session who provides access, coordinates catering/meals, and provides light administrative support. Beverages such as coffee, tea, water and soft drinks can be made available for a fee. Catering is a separate charge, and is coordinated when the meeting is planned. All catering must be direct billed by credit card by the client. A variety of catering firms are available in this area, and you are welcome to select your own preferred caterer.

The use of advanced electronic brainstorming and group support software is a separate charge and requires technical facilitation as well. A technical facilitator is required to utilize the 29 computer group support room and server environment at a charge of $1500/day. Subject facilitation support for a session is always done on a custom basis and is dependent on the amount of pre-session planning required, advance interviewing or research, expected follow-up activities and amount of on-site facilitation required. A detailed planning estimate can be provided very quickly once the scope of the session is well understood. If a series of meetings or multiple days are required a customize estimate will be provided.

Typical subject facilition charges* are:
$2500 - Faciliation day
$1250 - Preparation day
$750 - Travel day

*If you hire a subject facilitator a technical facilitator may not be required.