Network Centric Operations Asia Pacific Conference in Singapore

AKCollaborations, along with REINFORCE consulting partner Lex Bubbers, will brief at the Network Centric Operations Asia Pacific Conference in Singapore in September. After the conference, we will run a post-conference workshop that in the past has sold out with business and military attendees from 14 nations. Participants will utilize StrikeCom, a networked, collaborative game to learn core lessons on the impact of Network Centric concepts uncovered in case studies presented at the workshop. The case studies, funded by the Office of Secretary of Defense's Office of Force Transformation, investigate the impact of new collaborative capabilities on the United States Navy during Operation Enduring Freedom and NATO's Immediate Reaction Task Force.

In the past, workshop participants stated the partnership between consultants with both academic and field experience was valuable in providing both theoretical and practical understanding of Network-Centric concepts. StrikeCom successfully drives home teaching points and illustrates real world concerns associated with technology transition. An executive from Sun Microsystems India, stated the use of the game was an amazing teaching tool that gave him understanding of the impact shared visualization on collaboration. That alone, made the conference worthwhile.