Network-Centric Operations Testimonial

I have worked with Dr. Mark Adkins for the past five years in support of the Office of Secretary of Defense Office of Force Transformation, OSD OFT. During this time he has consistently demonstrated technical excellence, communication skills and a strong drive to make projects and the program work. During the times that we presented material in support of OSD OFT he consistently held himself and others to the highest standards of performance and professionalism.

I have used several of Dr Adkins products to provide valuable information to Headquarters U.S. Army, Space Command, Joint Forces Command, West Point, Army, Air Force  and Navy War Colleges  as well as many Allies to include Polish, German, Dutch, Japanese and Taiwanese. The work he did for the U.S. Navy in support of collaboration was ground breaking and has provided myself, my company and the U.S. Forces substantial  advantages in the Global War on Terrorism.

I cannot recommend Dr Adkins too highly. His single minded drive to succeed married to his academic background and technical / engineering excellence make a superb combination.

I would be happy to be contacted by anyone looking to use Dr. Adkins services

COL(ret) Fred Stein
Principle Senior Engineer for Network Centric Warfare
The MITRE Corporation