Facilitation Testimonial

"As a DoD researcher and program manager I've witnessed directly, and seen many other results of Mark Adkins' work in military tactical environments, think tanks, humanitarian operations, and commercial endeavors. Dr. Mark Adkins is not only one of the most skilled facilitators I've had the opportunity to work with, but brings to the task a passion for understanding human communications and collaboration. That interest led him to develop the critical, underlying academic research underpinning in communication, collaboration, and the application of these disciplines to network centric operations at the University of Arizona.  This research-based foundation for his work enables him to not merely provide the services of a trained, very experienced facilitator; but also enables him to work with agencies, companies and other organizations to develop the cultural atmosphere and the technical tools of an ongoing collaborative work environment. His core understanding of communications and human behavior have enabled him to develop collaborative environments even with groups of people who were initially averse to working together."

R.E. Younger
Capital Asset Management System-Military Equipment