AK Collaborations’ facilitators have facilitated hundreds of significant events for senior executives and general officers with outstanding results. In addition, we have personally developed and implemented information systems to make distributed organizations productive. By employing a professional facilitator, your organization can leverage the knowledge and experience of all of your stakeholders. Through the use of a group support system (GSS) you can make high quality decisions in less time and build a greater level of buy-in for implementation than with traditional meetings. Research has proven great success in the facilitated use of group support systems to engage large groups (10-30 members) in decisions with high stakes organizational goals such as strategic planning, product development and improving operational efficiency. When group members reach consensus and are satisfied with the process and the outcome they work enthusiastically to implement the group’s decisions.

AK Collaborations will partner with you to engage the right people across time and space to make critical decisions. We have facilitated hundreds of meetings for our clients through out the world on difficult topics. The facilitation team has worked with groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina on economic reconstruction following the Dayton Accords, and with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping to develop training standards. Tucson Electric Power Company has used AK Collaborations facilitators to create a corporate strategy in the power industry. Additionally, we helped the American Red Cross to create a series of facilitated meetings run across the United States to produce a large-scale training course. No matter what the topic or who the group, AK Collaborations can work with you to create an effective meeting environment using a group support system.

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