AK Collaborations is an agile provider of solutions that enable mission-critical, international operations and decision-making with dynamic usage of information systems. Our service coaches the innovative organization to understand the roles that culture, transparency and agility play in transforming an organization. Recent work with Raytheon involved creating a collaborative enviroment to enable effective work among the U.S. Navy, government organizations and private industy. Additonal work has been done with Lockheed Martin as well as RUAG Areospace Defence Technology and Armasuisse in Switzerland. We focus on collaboration processes and technologies within, across and outside the organization.

AK Collaborations consultation focus areas are on using collaboration technologies for knowledge and developing research for business transition.

When using collaboration technologies for corporate knowledge capabilities, AK Collaborations will be:

  • working with your organization to understand how to pick the information systems that increase organizational effectiveness.

  • creating plans to transition information systems into your organization so they are used efficiently.

  • developing metrics to evaluate the impact of collaboration processes and technologies.

When developing research for business transition AK Collaborations will be:

  • working to understand the research objectives required for advancement of business opportunities.

  • developing methods to transition business opportunities.

  • finding and securing funding opportunities to develop businesses.