Organizations are often confronted by contentious strategic questions. Facilitated collaboration is a proven method for reaching consensus among stakeholders. By working with our master facilitators, we can help you to leverage the latent intellectual power in your group. We have worked for over ten years with literally scores of government, military, commercial and not-for-profit groups. Moreover, we are prepared to facilitate extremely large groups of over 1000 distributed participants.


AK Collaborations is well positioned to aid military, commercial and government organizations to maximize effectiveness and efficiency with technology and collaboration. Our focus is on the human side of collaboration. All too often, the spotlight is placed on specific technologies and the accompanying people, processes and organization are ignored. We believe that  by helping to build agile, innovative organizations, we can create sustainable competitive advantage for our customers.

Network-Centric Operations

We are among the early academic contributors to the NCO concept, and have worked since 1996 to develop collaborative systems in the military. Beyond our original five-year DARPA project, we have worked extensively with US and allied militaries. Additionally, we were instrumental in conducting research in conjunction with the Office of Force Transformation for the development of the first NCO Short Course. We have taught at over twenty-five NCO courses in the US, Europe and Asia.